Why are these coaching skills important?

Watch the video below with comments and interviews from stakeholders about a creating a successful environment

Video presentation

Click here for a copy of the transcript


You can download the worksheets for this learning activity from here:

1D Environment of success 

Athlete Survey

Click on the link below to download a survey outline for collecting feedback on your habits and practices from your athletes:

1E Athlete Feedback Survey

1F My Skills

Learning activity

Reflection on what skills you bring to your program.

Reflect on your coaching, and complete the tasks on the “Environment of Success” worksheet in the link to the left. 

Then survey at least 5 athletes for feedback on your coaching habits and practices using the "Athlete Feedback Survey". You could also ask another coach to participate if desired.

Compare what athletes say are your habits and practices with your own reflection. Select 2 or 3 skills you could focus on to develop using the "My Skills" document in the link to the left.